Our Brand


At Ms Peacock, you’ll find the confections of Chocolatier and trained Pastry Chef Lisa Morley. She learnt from one of the best, having been under the wing of world-renowned French Pastry Chef and teacher Herve Boutin, MOF Meilleur Ouvrier de France. A perfectionist with creative flair, Lisa delights in pairing complementary and unexpected flavour combinations to make one-of-a-kind
confections. Every edible detail is considered and all Lisa’s creations are packed with texture, using natural ingredients of the finest quality. There are no shortcuts taken; only the best of the best leaves her kitchen.
Ms Peacock products are made in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia. The magic happens in the production studio, before the confections make their way to chocolate and sweet lovers around the country and beyond. Beautifully presented and packaged, the artisan chocolates also make a thoughtful gift for loved ones or corporate orders - they won’t dare to share!
We invite you to taste the Ms Peacock difference.

Yes, it’s really that good (in every way)  

Can something that tastes so good, actually be good and do good too? Yes, it can. Ms Peacock only sources from environmentally and ethically responsible, fair-trade businesses. The finest French chocolate from Valrhona and Weiss brands have been selected for their world class quality and taste, and their leading sustainable and ethical practices for the chocolate industry. The cacao is
100% traceable back to the farm and farmer, a more than fair price is paid to the farmer for their cacao, and the companies fund projects in cacao growing communities to improve living and working conditions.
We believe in supporting small businesses who are the best at what they do. Ingredients are handpicked and often sourced locally from quality Australian producers. From the honey to the nuts and fruit you’ll find in our creations, everything we use is of the highest standard.
You can experience the joy of Ms Peacock and feel good about it!

We say a big and definite YES to:
✔ Using only quality natural ingredients
✔ Quality over quantity
✔ Supporting local, ethical, sustainable and responsible businesses
✔ Self-love

We say a big and definite NO to:
✗ Palm oil
✗ Artificial flavours
✗ Artificial preservatives
✗ Shellac polish (when you read the ingredients label on mass produced confectionary, if it states ‘confectioners polish’ or ‘904’, then it’s shellac!)
✗ Couverture chocolate that is not traceable and sustainable