NOUGAT (multiple flavours)

By Ms Peacock


Our nougat is on the chewy side and jam packed with inclusions! Ms Peacock is continually experimenting with new flavours.

  • RASPBERRY PISTACHIO ALMOND. The base is made with honey and vanilla bean and is generously studded with raspberry, pistachios and almonds. Coated in 38% milk chocolate.
  • STRWABERRY LEMON PISTACHIO COCONUT. A honey and vanilla base with freshly zested lemon, dried strawberries, roasted pistachios and toasted coconut. Coated in 38% milk chocolate.
  • MAPLE PECAN VANILLA ORANGE. Vanilla and maple base with freshly zested orange and roasted pecans. Coated in 64% dark chocolate.

Sold as single bars, approx 45gm.

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