Ms Peacock

Meet the maker….

Ms Peacock is the alter ego of Lisa Morley, trained pastry chef and chocolatier. Lisa learned the art of making chocolate from the great pastry chef and teacher Herve Boutin who has achieved the status symbol of MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). While learning the different aspects of patisserie, Lisa discovered an ability and passion for making chocolate and the rest is history....

What you'll find in store and online are the products that Ms Peacock created because they're what she enjoys indulging in - if Ms Peacock doesn't LOVE it, it's not on the menu. Prepare to be seduced by what we think is the finest chocolates to ever pass your lips!

She finds pleasure, peace and joy in creating her sweets. It is all-consuming; chocolate is her romance.

More about the chocolate…

In her mission to find the best, Ms Peacock tasted chocolate from all over the world and when she tasted the chocolate made in France, she had no doubt that it was the finest, it was love at first taste... strong cacao notes, refined and incredibly satisfying! Just as important, we choose to work with chocolate suppliers who are environmentally and ethically conscious. Sadly, these are real issues within the cacao farming industry.

As you can now see, we take the ingredients very seriously, using only the absolute best products that we can get our hands on to give you an experience unlike any other. Where possible, we use local produce - we like to know where our ingredients come from and we love supporting small business! Butter by Pepe Saya, Southern Highlands honey, panela sugar from Grounded Pleasures, Coffee from Campos, peanut butter by Chunky Dave, nuts sourced directly from farms in Wingham NSW and Mundubbera QLD, Australian sugar and cream.

We stand for responsibly and ethically sourced ingredients. No flavours added, no vegetable fats, no palm oil, no preservatives.