Ms Peacock

Meet the maker….

Ms Peacock is Lisa Morley, a pastry chef and a chocolatier with a sweet tooth. How could she be anything but? You know the type - dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Like most women, she loves all things shiny and chooses to use them in her work. Note the gorgeous iridescent powders featured on her creations, the copper foil packaging and elegant hand illustrations.

She takes the ingredients very seriously, using only the absolute best products that she can get her hands to give you an experience unlike any other. What you'll find in store and online are the products that she created because they're what she enjoys indulging in - if Ms Peacock doesn't LOVE it, it's not on the menu. Prepare to be seduced by the finest chocolates to pass your lips…

She finds pleasure, peace and joy in creating her sweets. It is all-consuming; chocolate is her romance.  And you can now see her at work in her flagship store at Shop 1, "The Mill", 210-224 Bong Bong St, Bowral NSW 2576.

Ms Peacock is your alter ego; the chocoholic in all of us. Be tempted to join her in a lifelong love affair with the taste, texture and titillation.

More about the chocolate…

FRANCE, the land where haut cuisine was created. All the best things come from this beautitful country, all of Ms Peacocks weaknesses... Champagne, soft oozing cheeses, and chocolate (try all three for one indulgent night)!

In her mission to find the best, she tasted chocolate from all over the world and when she tasted the chocolate made in France, she had no doubt that it was the finest, it was love at first taste... strong cacao notes, less sweet and incredibly satisfying!

The Cacaofevier, transformer of cacao beans into chocolate, have a direct and sustainable relationship with the cacao growers, choosing the highest quality cacao beans to create their couverture. With respect for traditional techniques and innovation, the result is a chocolate unmatched by others in taste and texture.

No flavours added, no vegetable fats, no colours and no preservatives. Just cacao, cocoa butter and sugar. 

Prendre plaisir, mes amies.